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Sign Painting

Stephen Reynolds has completed sign painting commissions for cultural institutions, individual artists, restaurants, trade shows, and businesses. He often works closely with architects, designers, and business owners in the development of general concepts or specific layouts. His knowledge of typestyles, graphics, and period signs contributes to positive collaborative efforts. In addition to being an excellent colorist, he is highly skilled in the application of gold leaf, patinas, and weathering techniques. Reynolds is accustomed to producing work on location (and has traveled widely to produce site-specific projects), but also produces work in his studio, which can be later transported to project sites.

Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum Ryerson Art Institute of Chicago Ryerson Art Institute of Chicago Goldberg Art Institute of Chicago
Richard H. Driehaus.
St. Ignatius, Chicago
Ryerson (gold leaf),
Art Institute of Chicago
Ryerson (gold leaf),
Art Institute of Chicago
Magic. Chicago History Museum Goldberg. Art Institute of Chicago
Commissions for museums, galleries, and other cultural institutions may include hand-painted lettering on exhibition title walls, hand-painted logos and images, a hand-stenciled Mission Statement, or a gold leaf dedication. As an artist and sign painter, I value excellence in the execution of my work and adherence to the design concept.
Protokulture Chicago Protokulture Chicago Tom, Dick and Harry Chicago Chapel Pacific Garden Mission Chrome Bags Chicago
Chrome Bags. Chicago Protokulture. Chicago Tom, Dick and Harry Adv., Chicago Warby Parker Bocce. Skirt PR, Chi. Mojito. Mambo Grill, Chicago
A hand-painted logo on a brick façade or workplace wall can become a design accent in a business environment and add to the development of identity and branding. I paint both small and large-scale sign projects, interior and exterior, on a wide range of surfaces including brick, sheet rock, stucco, hardwood paneling, and stainless steel.
Roy Boyd Gallery Chicago Elements. Chicago June Blaker Chicago Paella Barcelona. Chicago Pescados Barcelona Chicago
Cocktails ICI. Mignon, Dallas Elements (silver leaf). Chicago Grass Fed Bucktown. Chicago Roy Boyd Gallery (copper leaf). Chicago June Blaker (silver leaf). Chicago
Storefront window sign painting can offer great marketing opportunities for businesses. Lettering on glass in gold or silver leaf can provide visibility of information without overpowering a window display. Painted graphics on windows can contribute to the expansion of a theme and add flavor to a workplace atmosphere.
Mural Mignon W. Palm Beach Mural Mignon W. Palm Beach Fresh P'deaux, Denver 19)	Crawdads P'deaux, Phoenix Pizza Giordano's Chicago
Paella. Café Barcelona, Chicago Holiday Pipe (weathered). PRI, Chicago Crawdads (weathered). PRI, Phoenix J. Tivollier. P.O.S.H., Chicago Eat Pizza (weathered). Chicago
A weathered sign can offer a counterbalance to other design elements in restaurants and other business environments. An advantage to producing faux-weathered or distressed signs is that they can be made specifically for the spaces in which they will be installed; the sizes, colors, and content designed to be in harmony with other elements.
Tokyo 21 Chicago Naylor Pipe Chicago Serio Chicago Serio Chicago Zip Fitness Chicago
Beverages. O’Leary’s, Chicago Pappas Burger. Fort Worth, TX Old Crow. Pappadeaux, Chicago Dragonfly. Pappadeaux, Chicago Timpano Italian. Rockport, MD
For some commissions I paint directly from specifications I receive from designers or business clients. For others, I participate in the development of the design. As a specialist, I value working in concert with other skilled professionals in the development of a project, including architects, designers, artists, and business owners.


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